How do you say I LIKE YOU in Italian?

How exactly do you say I like you in Italian? In this lesson, we will take a look at the different ways you can translate this sentence into Italian. Read on to learn them all!

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How do you say I like you in Italian?

Mi piaci

Mi piaci is how you say I like you in Italian when you want to say that you fancy a person you know well.

Mi piaci.
I like you.

This common sentence in Italian is made up of three elements.

“To me”

Present tense of the verb piacere, to like, in the second person singular

Piacere is a verb of the second -ERE group. Its present tense conjugation is as follows.

To like

It’s a special verb because it works very differently from English. It doesn’t have a subject, and this is why it’s called an impersonal verb. Instead, there’s an indirect pronoun mi, “to me”, and the object that is pleasing to the person.

youto melike

If we had to translate this sentence literally into English, we could say “You are pleasing to me”. I know, it sounds atrocious.

For example, you could say…

Mi piace questo film.
I like this movie.
(This movie is pleasing to me.)

Mi piacciono i libri gialli.
I like mystery books.
(Mystery books are pleasing to me.)

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Now, what other ways are there to say I like you in Italian? Let’s see in the next paragraph!

Other ways to say I like you in Italian

If you want to address a group, use mi piacete. This will translate to I like you all.

Mi piacete.
I like you (all).

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And if you want to say that you like a person in more creative ways, you could say…

Sei interessante.
You are interesting.

Sto bene insieme a te.
I feel good when I’m with you.

Ti trovo molto carino/carina.
I think you are very cute.

Mi sei simpatico/simpatica.
I like you.
(You are likeable to me.)

Mi piace passare del tempo con te.
I like spending time with you.

And that’s the end of our lesson on how to say I like you in Italian!

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