How do you say I adore you in Italian?

How do you say I adore you in Italian?

In this lesson, we will take a look at the different ways you can translate this sentence into Italian. Read on to learn them all!

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How do you say I adore you in Italian?

Singular: Ti adoro!

Ti adoro is how you translate I adore you in Italian when you are addressing only one person.

Ti adoro
I adore you (singular, informal)
Literally: You I adore

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This common sentence in Italian is made up of two elements.

Direct object pronoun for “you”

Present tense conjugation of the verb adorare, to hate

Ti adoro per quello che hai fatto.
I adore you for what you’ve done.

Mi hai regalato una collana di perle? Federico, ti adoro!
You bought me a pearl necklace? Federico, I adore you!

Wondering why the direct object pronoun comes before the verb? Learn how the Italian direct object pronouns work here.

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Adoro is the first-person singular conjugation of adorare, to adore or to love, in the present tense.

Amare and adorare can be synonyms, but they can also be very different.

Amo nuotare and adoro nuotare (I love swimming) are synonyms.

Ti amo and ti adoro are not synonyms. Amare means to love in a romantic way. If someone does you a favor and you want to express your affection, use ti adoro because ti amo conveys a very strong emotion!

Present tense conjugation of adorare

lui, leiadora

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For example, you could say…

Il mio gatto adora essere grattato sotto al mento.
My cat loves to be scratched under the chin.

Mia figlia adora andare in piscina.
My daughter loves to go to the swimming pool.

woman in a cat cafè - adoro i gatti - i love cats

Now, how do you say I adore you in Italian to a group of people? You need to conjugate the direct object pronoun in the second-person plural. Let’s see what this form is in the next paragraph.

Plural: Vi adoro!

Vi adoro is how you translate I adore you in Italian when you are addressing more than one person.

Vi adoro
I adore you (plural)
Literally: You I adore

Italian, unlike English, has two types of “you”. There is a singular “you” and then there is a plural “you”. If you are addressing a group, you must conjugate any verb or pronoun accordingly.

The direct object pronoun for the plural form of the subject pronoun “you”, voi, is vi. So we will say vi adoro. The verb doesn’t change, just like in English.

Davvero fareste questo per me? Vi adoro, ragazzi.
Would you really do this for me? I adore you guys.

Now, how do you say I adore you in Italian when you need to be polite? Read on to find out!

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Formal: La adoro!

If you are just visiting Italy and often meet new people, unless you both agree to use the informal pronoun tu, you will have to stick to the polite pronoun Lei when talking to other adults and people you are not familiar with. With children, it’s customary to use tu regardless of familiarity.

This is the equivalent of she in English. Basically, when speaking formally, Italians address each other with the subject “she”, lei.

What’s the direct object pronoun for the subject pronoun lei? La.

(If you have trouble understanding the Italian direct object pronouns, read the ultimate guide on them!)

That said, how do you formally say I adore you in Italian?

La adoro
I adore you (polite)
Literally: You I adore

Although, I wouldn’t really use this polite form with anyone.

It could be uncomfortable for the recipient, because it expresses a level of affection that is not really appropriate to show to people you don’t know well.

And that’s the end of our lesson on how to say I adore you in Italian in all its forms!

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