How do you say HERE in Italian?

How exactly do you say here in Italian?

In this lesson, we will take a look at the different ways you can use the word for here in Italian and you will even learn some expressions featuring it. Read on to learn them all!

Qui, qua

Let’s get started! Iniziamo!

How do you say here in Italian?

Qui, qua

Qui and qua are the translations for here in Italian.

Qui, qua

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Its pronunciation is similar to coo-ee or coo-ah and it comes from the Latin expression eccu(m) hīc, “here it is”. Make sure the final -a in qua has a pure sound, as Italian vowel sounds are clean!

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For example, you could say…

Non vedo nessun paio di occhiali qui.
I can’t see any pair of glasses here.

Vivo qui da tre anni e mezzo.
I have been living here for three and a half years.

Signore, non le è permesso parcheggiare la sua auto qui.
Sir, you are not allowed to park your car here.

Puoi rimanere qui quanto vuoi.
You may stay here as long as you like.

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Difference between qui and qua in Italian

More often than not, qui and qua are perfectly interchangeable in Italian.

However, if we want to be more precise, qua in Italian has a broader sense. Qui refers to a more specific area, while qua is a more general way to translate here in Italian.

However, no one will ever tell you off for using qui instead of qua. I doubt many natives know about this difference at all, since it’s so subtle that it can be easily ignored.

Let’s see some other examples with qui and qua.

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Ci sono dei cinema qua vicino?
Are there any movie theaters near here?

Non puoi entrare qui se non hai un pass.
You can’t enter here unless you have a pass.

Evito di attraversare la strada qui se sono di fretta.
I avoid crossing the road here when I am in a hurry.

Puoi lasciare qua la tua borsa.
You may leave your bag here.

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Idiomatic expressions featuring the word here in Italian

There are a number of common expressions featuring the word for here in Italian. Among them there are…

  • qui casca l’asino (and that’s where you’re wrong)
  • qui gatta ci cova (there’s something fishy about this)
  • da qui in poi (from here on)
  • tutto qui? (is that all?)

For example, you could say…

Scendi dalla bici. Da qui in poi proseguiremo a piedi.
Get off the bike. From here on we will continue on foot.

And that’s the end of our lesson on how to say here in Italian!

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