Halloween vocabulary in Italian

Halloween vocabulary in Italian 1-5

La zucca
The pumpkin

Dolcetto o scherzetto?
Trick or treat?

La ragnatela
The spider web

Lo scheletro
The skeleton

Il fantasma
The ghost

little ghost with a hat on

Halloween vocabulary in Italian 6-10

La festa
The party

Il mostro
The monster

Il pipistrello
The bat

Il teschio
The skull

Il vampiro
The vampire

count dracula

Halloween vocabulary in Italian 11-15

La tomba
The tomb

La pelle d’oca
The goosebumps

I brividi
The shivers

Lo spavento
The scare

Il costume
The costume

kids going trick or treating

Halloween vocabulary in Italian 16-20

La maschera
The mask

La luna piena
The full moon

Il calderone
The cauldron

La casa stregata
The haunted house

La mummia
The mummy

scary mummy

Halloween vocabulary in Italian 21-25

La strega
The witch

Il gatto nero
The black cat

La magia

La stregoneria

I dolciumi
The sweets

halloween themed sweets

Halloween vocabulary in Italian 26-28

Il lupo
The wolf

Lo zombie
The zombie

To dress up

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