How do you say FUNNY in Italian?

How exactly do you say funny in Italian?

In this lesson, we will take a look at the different words you can use to talk about being funny in Italian. Read on to learn all you need to know!


Let’s get started! Iniziamo!

Funny in Italian


Divertente is how you translate funny into Italian. Let’s listen to how this adjective is pronounced.

Its pronunciation is similar to dee-vehr-TEN-teh and it comes from the Latin word devertere, meaning “to turn the other way, to deviate”. Make sure the final -e has a clean sound, because Italian vowel sounds are clean!


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Like all other adjectives in Italian, divertente needs to match the gender and number of the noun.


If a movie is funny, you would say divertente because movie, film, is a singular noun in Italian.

Likewise, you will say divertenti, if you’re talking about some jokes, barzellette, which is a plural noun.

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For example, you could say…

Conosci delle barzellette divertenti?
Do you know any funny jokes?

Ho visto un film molto divertente sabato sera.
I saw a very funny movie on Saturday night.

Matteo pensa di essere divertente, ma è solo antipatico!
Matteo thinks he’s funny, but he’s just obnoxious!

Smettila, non è divertente!
Stop it, it’s not funny!

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Buffo is another way to translate funny in Italian. It literally means “odd, amusing”.


For example, you could say…

Questo vestito avrà un aspetto buffo, ma a me piace.
This dress may look funny, but I like it.

You can also find strano, “strange”.


C’è uno strano odore in questa stanza.
There’s a funny smell in this room.

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And that’s the end of our lesson on how to say funny in Italian!

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