How do you say FORK in Italian?

How exactly do you say fork in Italian?

In this lesson, we will take a look at the different parts of a fork in Italian and you will even learn some verbs related to this word. Read on to learn them all!


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How do you say fork in Italian?


Forchetta is how you translate fork into Italian.

La forchetta
The fork

steak with a fork and knife - how do you say form in italian?

It is a feminine noun, so it uses the articles la (definite, the fork), and una (indefinite, a fork).

Una forchetta
A fork

Delle forchette
Some forks

La forchetta
The fork

Le forchette
The forks

Its pronunciation is similar to for-keht-tah and it comes from the Latin word furca.

La forchetta va a destra o a sinistra?
Does the fork go on the right or on the left?

Queste forchette sono sporche di sugo di pomodoro.
These forks are stained with tomato sauce.

La forchetta cadde dal tavolo.
The fork fell off of the table.

The parts of a fork in Italian


The handle of a fork is translated as impugnatura or manico. The first is a feminine word, while the second is masculine.

The handle

Il manico
The handle

Il manico della forchetta è fatto di plastica.
The handle of this fork is made of plastic.

plate with fork and knife - how do you say fork in italian


The tines of a fork also have two names: denti, which usually means teeth, and rebbi, tines or prongs.

Denti comes from dente and is the word you will hear in colloquial speech.

Rebbi, which comes from the singular rebbio, is the most accurate term but it’s very rare in the spoken language. I have only found it in books.

I denti
The teeth

I rebbi
The tines, prongs

I rebbi di questa forchetta sono tutti storti!
The tines of this fork are all bent!

Si è rotto un dente della forchetta.
One tine of this fork broke.

tines of a fork

Common adjectives with fork in Italian

There are a number of materials that a fork can be made of. The most common types of fork in Italian are:

Forchetta d’acciaio
Steel fork

Forchetta di plastica
Plastic fork

Forchetta d’argento
Silver fork

Forchetta usa e getta
Disposable fork

a plastic fork

For example, you could say…

Dovremmo ridurre l’utilizzo delle forchette usa e getta per salvaguardare l’ambiente.
We should reduce the use of disposable forks to save the environment.

Mia nonna è gelosissima del suo set di forchette d’argento.
My grandmother is extremely jealous of her set of silver forks.

Le forchette d’acciaio sono molto resistenti.
Steel forks are very resistant.

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Verbs and expressions featuring fork in Italian

Forchettata is a word that has two meanings in Italian.

It can be translated as forkful, and it can also mean a strike someone’s skin with a fork.

La forchettata
The forkful

Consider the examples:

Cristina si infilò in bocca una forchettata di spaghetti.
Cristina stuffed a forkful of spaghetti in her mouth.

Il bambino, offeso, diede una forchettata alla mano della sua vicina.
Offended, the child struck his neighbor’s hand with a fork.

Literally, the last example goes, “The child, offended, gave a forkful to his neighbor’s hand”. This doesn’t mean that he offered his neighbor a forkful of food…

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Forchetta can also be used figuratively in the expression essere una buona forchetta, which can be translated into English as to be a good eater or to be a foodie. There’s no direct translation for it, because the literal meaning is “to be a good fork”.

Essere una buona forchetta
To be a good eater

Leonardo è davvero una buona forchetta.
Leonardo is a very good eater.

kid eating a huge sandwich - to be a good eater in italian

So if you like eating, you are a good fork in Italian! 😉

And that’s the end of our lesson on how to say fork in Italian!

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