How do you say EGGPLANT in Italian?

How exactly do you say eggplant in Italian?

In this lesson, we will take a look at the different words you can use to talk about eggplants in Italian. Read on to learn them all!


Let’s start! Iniziamo!

How do you say eggplant in Italian?


Melanzana is how you translate eggplant in Italian. There are no other translations for this vegetable (or should we say a bacca, berry), which has many other names in English: aubergine, guinea squash and brinjal.


big and plump eggplant

It is a feminine noun, so it uses the articles la (definite, the eggplant), and un (indefinite, an eggplant).

Una melanzana
An eggplant

Delle melanzane
Some eggplants

La melanzana
The eggplant

Le melanzane
The eggplants

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Its pronunciation is similar to meh-lahn-tsah-nah and it comes from the Arabic word bādingiān and the prefix melo-, which was used in the Middle Ages to describe fruits and vegetables that came from far away.

For example, you could say…

La melanzana non è un ortaggio, ma un frutto. Più precisamente, si tratta di una bacca.
The eggplant is not a vegetable, but a fruit. More precisely, it is a berry.

Le melanzane si possono cucinare in diversi modi.
Eggplants can be cooked in many different ways.

Taglia la melanzana a fette sottili e poi condiscila.
Cut the eggplant into thin slices and then season it.

Le melanzane ripiene sono uno dei miei piatti preferiti.
Stuffed eggplant is one of my favorite dishes.

plate of eggplants

Common Italian dishes with melanzane

Eggplants are a great ingredient to use in the kitchen because of their ability to absorb any flavor, so there are many common Italian dishes based on them. These berries are cooked in every way possible! Some of these (delicious) dishes are…

La caponata

La pasta alla Norma
Pasta alla Norma

La parmigiana di melanzane
Eggplant Parmigiana

caponata in a sauce pan

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