Dare Passato Prossimo Conjugation

In this lesson, we will look at the verb dare passato prossimo conjugation.

Listen to the pronunciation as many times as you need and then listen to the example sentences to commit it to memory. Italian verbs have never been so easy!

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Dare passato prossimo: Conjugation table and pronunciation

Dare has a regular past participle in the passato prossimo tense. Its helper verb is avere.

Dare passato prossimo pronunciation

Ihave drunk
ioho dato
you (s)have drunk
tuhai dato
he, shehas drunk
lui, leiha dato
wehave drunk
noiabbiamo dato
you (pl)have drunk
voiavete dato
theyhave drunk
lorohanno dato

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Dare passato prossimo: Examples

Ho dato il regalo a mia sorella.
I gave the gift to my sister.

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Hai dato la mancia al cameriere?
Did you tip the waiter?
(dare la mancia = to tip)

Paolo ha dato per scontato che fossi ancora lì.
Paul assumed that I was still there.
(dare per scontato = to assume)

Non abbiamo dato le chiavi a Fabrizio!
We didn’t give the keys to Fabrizio!

Le informazioni che mi avete dato sono molto utili.
The information you gave me is very helpful.

Mi hanno dato un biglietto gratis.
They gave me a free ticket.

lucky man who won a ticket

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