Come here in Italian

How exactly do you say come here in Italian?

Let’s say your kid has just broken your favorite flower pot and they ran away in a flash, veloce come un fulmine. You want him to come back, right NOW!

Vieni qui!
Come here!

Is there a more powerful way to call him back? Yes, there is. This lesson will be useful to learn all the different ways to translate come here in Italian. We’ll have a look at both informal and formal ways of saying it.

Let’s get started! Iniziamo!

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How do you say come here in Italian?

Vieni qui

As we’ve already seen, the direct translation for come here in Italian is vieni qui and is only appropriate in informal contexts.

This expression is made up of two words: vieni, which is an imperative form of the verb venire, to come, and qui, which very obviously means here.

In Italian, here can also be translated as qua: the terms are pretty much interchangeable, so you could very well say vieni qua. Qua is just a little more vague than qui, since it means “here” but not “exactly here”.

Vieni qui
Come here (informal)

Mattia, vieni qui e raccogli il tuo zaino da terra!
Mattia, come here and pick up your backpack from the ground!

Tesoro, vieni qui un momento a darmi una mano.
Honey, come here for a minute and help me.

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Venga qui

Venga qui is the polite version of vieni qui. Although it could be used with people you need to show respect to, it’s still rare because people don’t normally address strangers in such a direct way.

Venga qui
Come here (formal)

To soften the request, you can add per favore, which means please.

Venga qui, per favore
Come here, please (formal)

Venga qui, professore. Vorrei farle leggere una cosa.
Come here, professor. I’d like you to read something.

Signor Franchi, venga un secondo qui, per favore.
Mr. Franchi, please come here for a second.

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Venite qui

Venite qui is used to address a group of people. Venite comes from the verb venire and it’s an imperative conjugation of the plural personal pronoun you.

Venite qui
Come here (plural)

Bambini, venite qui. È pronta la cena!
Children, come here. Dinner is ready!

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If a simple come here isn’t enough and you need an immediate response, you can add subito, which means at once, immediately or right now.

Vieni subito qui!
Come here immediately! (informal)

I won’t give you the formal alternative for this, of course, because it would be very rude to address a stranger that way (I don’t want this site to teach you things you shouldn’t do!). But if you paid attention to the previous paragraphs, you already have all the elements you need to create this formal alternative on your own… ;-).

Marta, vieni subito qui! Vieni qui, ho detto!
Marta, come here right now! Come here, I said!

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Answers to come here in Italian

There are a number of common answers for come here in Italian, so you can tell the person that you have heard them and will obey shortly. These are…

Arrivo! / Arriviamo!

This is by far the most common response to a come here request in Italian. Both come from the verb arrivare, which means to arrive.

You will use arrivo if you’re the only one being called. You will use arriviamo if you are in a group of people.

I’m coming!

Arrivo fra un secondo, devo finire i compiti!
I’ll be there in a second, I have to finish my homework!

We’re coming!

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Arrivo subito! / Arriviamo subito!

A slight variation on the above expressions. We’ve already seen subito in one of the previous paragraphs and it means at once or right now.

Arrivo subito!
I’m coming right away!

Arriviamo subito!
We’re coming right away!

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Vengo / Veniamo subito!

Of course, you can also use the verb venire as in the original request. There’s no difference between this and the expressions with arrivare.

Vengo subito!
I’m coming!

Veniamo subito!
I’m coming!

That’s the end of our lesson. Now you know how to say all the different ways to say come here in Italian! Start testing them right away with your Italian friends, and make them come to you!

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