Cadere Passato Prossimo Conjugation

In this lesson, we will look at the verb cadere passato prossimo conjugation.

Listen to the pronunciation as many times as you need and then listen to the example sentences to commit it to memory. Italian verbs have never been so easy!

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Cadere passato prossimo: Conjugation table and pronunciation

Caduto has a regular past participle in the passato prossimo tense. Its helper verb is essere.

Remember that the past participle must agree in gender and number with the subject!

Cadere passato prossimo pronunciation

Ihave fallen
iosono caduto/a
you (s)have fallen
tusei caduto/a
he, shehas fallen
lui, leiè caduto/a
wehave fallen
noisiamo caduti/e
you (pl)have fallen
voisiete caduti/e
theyhave fallen
lorosono caduti/e

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Cadere passato prossimo: Examples

Sono caduta dalle scale e mi sono fratturata la caviglia.
I fell down the stairs and fractured my ankle.

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Dove sei caduto con la bicicletta?
Where did you fall with your bicycle?

Mi è caduto il cellulare nell’acquario!
I dropped my cell phone in the fish tank!
(literally: the cell phone has fallen me in the fish tank)

Siamo caduti in un’imboscata nel bosco.
We were ambushed in the woods.
(cadere in un’imboscata = to be ambushed)

È qui che siete caduti con la moto ieri?
Is this where you fell off your bike yesterday?

Molte persone sono cadute a causa del giaccio sulle strade.
Many people fell because of the ice on the roads.

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And that’s it, now you know the cadere passato prossimo conjugation in Italian!

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