Useful Italian Words: Invertebrates and bugs

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Bugs in Italian 1-5

The bug

La zanzara
The mosquito

The bee

La mosca
The fly

Il ragno
The spider

brown spider - bugs in italian

Bugs in Italian 6-10

Lo scarabeo
The beetle

Il grillo
The cricket

Il verme
The worm

La lumaca
The slug, the snail

La farfalla
The butterfly

useful Italian words for bugs - farfalla

Bugs in Italian 11-15

La cavalletta
The grasshopper

La coccinella
The ladybug

La medusa
The jellyfish

La formica
The ant

Il bruco
The caterpillar

brown and smiling caterpillar

Bugs in Italian 16-21

Lo scorpione
The scorpion

La mantide religiosa
The praying mantis

Il gamberetto
The shrimp

The lobster

Il granchio
The crab

La libellula
The dragonfly

useful words for bugs in italian - smiling butterfly

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