How to say BEST FRIEND in Italian

How exactly do you say best friend in Italian?

Let’s say you have an Italian friend who happens to be your BFF. You want to let them know! So how do you say you are my best friend in Italian?

Male friend

Female friend

This lesson will be useful to learn all the different ways you can translate this sentence into Italian. (Yes, there’s more than one way!)

Let’s get started! Iniziamo!

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How do you say best friend in Italian

Migliore amico / Migliore amica

The direct translation for best friend in Italian is migliore amico, if your bestie is a boy or a man, and migliore amica if she’s a girl or a woman.

Migliore means best and is one of those adjectives that don’t change in the singular depending on the gender of the noun.

Migliore amico
Best friend (male)

Migliore amica
Best friend (female)

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So in order to say “you are my best friend in Italian”, you would simply say…

Sei il mio migliore amico.
You are my best friend.

Sei la mia migliore amica.
You are my best friend.

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But wait! What if you have more than one best friend, either male or female? Here’s what you have to say:

Siete i miei migliori amici.
You are my best friends.

Siete le mie migliori amiche.
You are my best friends.

When it comes to mixed groups, the masculine gender wins. So if there’s only one girl in a group of five people, you have to say siete i miei migliori amici because the group will have a masculine gender.

best friends in italian - a group of best female friends laughing

Other ways to say best friend in Italian

Amico/amica per la pelle

Amico per la pelle (male) and amica per la pelle (female) are synonyms for migliore amico/a. They are used to refer to very close friends that are fond of each other.

Literally, they would be translated as “friend for the skin”, with pelle meaning skin.

Amico per la pelle
Best friend (male)

Amica per la pelle
Best friend (male)

Io e Luana siamo amiche per la pelle.
Luana and I are best friends.

best female friends

Amico/amica del cuore

This is yet another synonym for best friend in Italian, and it would literally translate as “friend to the heart”. It can also be translated as BFF.

Amico del cuore
Best friend (masculine)

Amica del cuore
Best friend (feminine)

Chi è la tua amica del cuore, Claudia?
Who is your BFF, Claudia?

best friends forever, two women laughing

Amico intimo / Amica intima

If you have an amico intimo or an amica intima, it means that you have a friend you trust with all your heart. It literally means “intimate friend”.

Amico intimo
Very close friend (male)

Amica intima
Very close friend (male)

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An Italian saying with “best friend”

There’s a saying that goes…

Il cane è il migliore amico dell’uomo.
Dogs are a man’s best friend.

It literally translates as “The dog is man’s best friend”.

dogs are man's best friend in italian

That’s the end of our lesson! Now you know how to pronounce all the different ways to say best friend in Italian!

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