Bathroom vocabulary in Italian

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Bathroom vocabulary in Italian 1-5

Il bagno
The bathroom

Il bagno
The bath

La vasca da bagno
The bathtub

Il tappo
The plug

La doccia
The shower

man having a shower - useful italian words in the bathroom

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Bathroom vocabulary in Italian 6-10

Il dentifricio
The tooth paste

Lo spazzolino
The tooth brush

Il collutorio
The mouthwash

Il filo interdentale
The dental floss

La spazzola
The hair brush

useful Italian words to use in the bathroom - brush

Bathroom vocabulary in Italian 11-15

The hair dryer

Il phon
The hair dryer

Il water
The loo

Il lavandino
The sink

Lo specchio
The mirror

useful Italian words to use in the bathroom - woman looking at herself in a mirror

Bathroom vocabulary in Italian 16-20

Il sedile
The toilet seat

Lo scopettone
The toilet brush

Il bidet
The bidet

The bathrobe

The towel

woman sweating after working out with a pink towel around her neck

Bathroom vocabulary in Italian 21-25

Lo shampoo
The shampoo

Il bagnoschiuma
The bubble bath

La spugna
The sponge

La schiuma da barba
The shaving foam

Il sapone
The soap

kid washing his hands with soap

Bathroom vocabulary in Italian 26-33

Il dopobarba
The aftershave

Il rasoio
The razor

Il deodorante
The deodorant

La carta igienica
The toilet paper

Il rubinetto
The faucet

La tenda da doccia
The shower curtain

Il soffione della doccia
The shower head

Lo scolo
The drain

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