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If you are reading this page, it means you decided to learn Italian and are looking for free Italian lessons. You are in the right place!

With its 60 million people, Italy is a smallish country. However, it greatly influenced history throughout the centuries and is considered one of the pillars of Western civilization.

Italy may not be the wealthiest country now, but it is one of the most appreciated tourist destinations worldwide because of its attractions, landscapes, fascinating culture and good-hearted people.

Why learn Italian?

Italian is easy, for one. It is a Romance language, so it shares traits with some other commonly studied languages such as French and Spanish.

It doesn’t have a case system, making it way easier to learn than, say, German. Its pronunciation is straightforward because Italian spelling is almost always phonetic, so words are often pronounced as they are written.

Many English terms we use nowadays, such as author, disintegrate or suppose, have a Latin origin. Many more Italian words share this same origin. That means that sometimes you will have an instinctive feeling about the meaning of an Italian word you’ve never encountered before, and that gut feeling will hit the mark.

Autore, disintegrare, supporre. Do they sound familiar?

Learning other romance languages will be easier

Not only is it easy to learn Italian, but learning Italian will pave the way to learning many other Romance languages. Can you name a few?

You sure can: French, Portuguese… Spanish!

These languages and Italian all share a common Latin root. Studying Spanish verb conjugations and vocabulary will get much easier if you learn Italian, and viceversa.

Free Italian lessons on Lingookies

Now that we’ve made a quick excursus into the Italian language, it’s time to look at the Italian lessons that you can find on Lingookies. Learn Italian today!

What follows is a collection of links to all the Italian lessons you can find on the website. If you can’t find a topic, either use the search icon on the top right corner of all pages or use the search function in your browser. If you are on a computer, simply hit CTRL + F (cmd + F if you are on Mac) and start typing.

You may also be interested in Lingookies’ Italian in context dictionary or Italian interactive exercises.

Naturally Italian course

Pronunciation guide
Lesson 1. Introducing yourself
Lesson 2. Questo è… the gender of nouns

Italian A1-A2

Subject pronouns

Italian B1-B2

Descriptive suffixes

Common Italian Phrases Series

This Common Italian Phrases Series is aimed at learners who are already a bit familiar with Italian (at least level A2) and like to learn languages by context. See it as a traveler’s guide: each lesson features a number of common Italian questions and sentences with native audio recordings on a specific topic.

Small talk
Common questions
Work life
Time and dates
Travelling by train
Travelling by bus
Travelling by taxi
At the restaurant
Ordering a coffee
Tastes and opinions
At the doctor’s office
At the supermarket

Useful Italian Words Series

This Useful Italian Words Series is aimed at serious vocabulary learners. You can delve right away into the lessons even if you just started out learning the Italian language. Each lesson features audio recordings, a list of words of a given topic and interactive exercises for you to test your memory skills.

Animals (mammals)
Bugs & other invertebrates
Family members
In a bank
In a hotel
In the living room
In the bedroom
In the dining room
In the kitchen
In the bathroom
Italian Olympic sports
Makeup products
Parts of a car
Parts of the body
The universe

Italian funny idioms

Learn the most common idiomatic expressions of the Italian language with these lessons.

The human body
People in a hurry

Other Italian lessons

Italian can be tricky sometimes. These are lessons on tricky Italian words. Such subtleties can even make natives scratch their head.

Difference between volto, viso and faccia
The ultimate guide to the Italian curse words
Sapere vs conoscere
The days of the week
How to say hello
How to say goodbye
How to say good night
How to ask what’s your name?
How to introduce yourself
How to ask how are you?
To call (oneself)
How to say Italian
How to wish good luck in Italian
How to say thank you in Italian
How to say you’re welcome in Italian
Zodiac signs in Italian

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