Ride bene chi ride ultimo

Ride bene chi ride ultimo in Italian

Ride bene chi ride ultimo
He who laughs last laughs best

Literal translationHe who laughs last laughs well
MeaningThose who are patient or wait to celebrate will have the last and most satisfying laugh
IPA pronunciation/ˈriːde ˈbɛne ki ˈriːde ˈultimo/

This proverb is often used in challenges where people compete against each other. In a race, it’s never too late, non è mai troppo tardi, to enjoy a victory!

Where does this come from? It has roots in the idea that true success or victory is determined at the end of an event or situation, not at the beginning. It emphases the importance of patience and the eventual vindication of those who endure until the end, fino alla fine.

evil laugh

For example, you can say…

Pensi di aver già vinto? Ride bene chi dire ultimo!
Do you think you have already won? He who laughs last laughs best!

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