Prendere con le pinze

Prendere con le pinze in Italian

Prendere con le pinze
To take with a pinch of salt

Literal translationTo take [sth] with pliers
MeaningTo be skeptical about something
IPA pronunciation/ˈprɛn.dere kon le ˈpint͡se/

Where does this come from? Prendere con le pinze means to take something with caution or skepticism in Italian. Using tongs and pliers to pick up something suggests the need to be cautios. This expression can also be found as prendere con le molle, “to take with tongs”.

tweezers feeding a gecko

For example, you can say…

Luca prende con le pinze tutto quello che gli si dice.
Luke takes everything he is told with a grain of salt.

Prendi con le molle tutto quello che leggi su quel giornale.
Take everything you read in that paper with a grain of salt.

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