Perdere colpi

Perdere colpi in Italian

Perdere colpi
To lose one’s edge

Literal translationTo lose blows
MeaningUsed to describe someone who no longer has a unique skill they once had
IPA pronunciation/ˈpɛrdere ˈkolpi/

Where does this come from? Colpo can also mean hit in Italian. When you hit something (let’s say a goal), it means you are successful. If for some reason your reflexes get worse due to old age, you may end up missing your target, be it a goal or a punching ball!

man who lost his phone

For example, you can say…

Hai preso 7 nella verifica? Stai perdendo colpi!
You got a B on the test? You’re losing your edge!

La qualità del cibo in questo ristorante ha perso colpi.
The food quality in this restaurant lost its edge.

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