Passare il segno

Passare il segno in Italian

Passare il segno
To be out of line, to cross the line

Literal translationTo go past the mark
MeaningTo behave in an appropriate way
IPA pronunciation/pasˈsaːre il ˈseɲɲo/

Where does this come from? The mark is a boundary: when you “get past the mark”, it means you’ve crossed an invisible boundary of politeness (educazione) and you’re behaving in a socially inappropriate manner.

child having a tantrum

For example, you can say…

Ora hai davvero passato il segno. Smettila subito!
Now you have really gone too far. Stop it right now!

Mattia ha problemi di gestione della rabbia. Ha passato il segno.
Mattia has anger management issues. He has crossed the line.

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