Non cavare un ragno dal buco

Non cavare un ragno dal buco in Italian

Non cavare un ragno dal buco
To get nowhere, to achieve nothing

Literal translationNot to pull a spider out of the hole
MeaningTo be unable to solve a problem or achieve something
IPA pronunciation/non kaˈvaːre un ˈraɲɲo dal ˈbuːko/

Where does this come from? Imagine that there is a small spider tucked inside a hole in the wall. If you can’t get it out, it means you’re not that capable of doing things, so you will have a lot of problems when difficulties arise! 😉

very tired man on the ground

For example, you can say…

Stiamo lavorando al problema da tre settimane, ma non riusciamo a cavare un ragno dal buco.
We’ve been working on the problem for three weeks, but we’re getting nowhere.

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