Mettere troppa carne al fuoco

Mettere troppa carne al fuoco in Italian

Mettere troppa carne al fuoco
To bite off more than you can chew
Literally: To put too much meat on the fire.

Literal translationTo put too much meat on the fire
MeaningTaking on too many tasks at once, which makes it hard to complete any of them well
IPA pronunciation/ˈmɛttere ˈtrɔppa ˈkarne al ˈfwɔko/

Mettere troppa carne sul fuoco is also used and heard, but it’s much less common. The meaning is the same.

Where does this come from? Meat needs space to cook well. If you put too many pieces of meat on the fire, none will cook well. By the same reasoning, if you try to do more activities (attività) than your mind or body can sustain you will end up finishing none.

piece of raw meat

For example, you can say…

Se hai messo troppa carne al fuoco, significa che hai cercato di fare troppe cose contemporaneamente.
If you put too much meat on the fire, it means you tried to do too many things at once.

Mercoledì vai in palestra, giovedì alla lezione di tiro con l’arco, venerdì hai danza e sabato la lezione di pugilato… non pensi di star mettendo troppa carne al fuoco?
On Wednesday you go to the gym, on Thursday to archery class, on Friday you have dance class and on Saturday boxing class. Don’t you think you’re biting off more than you can chew?

  • Mettere (to put)
  • Carne (meat)
  • Fuoco (fire)
  • Troppo (too much)
  • A (preposition)
  • Prepositions
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