Mettere i piedi in testa

Mettere i piedi in testa in Italian

Mettere i piedi in testa
To walk over somebody

Literal translationTo put the feet on (sb’s) head
MeaningTreating someone with disrespect and disregard their feelings or opinions
IPA pronunciation/ˈmɛttere i ˈpjɛːdi in ˈtɛsta/

Where does this come from? When you put your feet on somebody else’s head, it’s like you are trying to dominate them. You are behaving with arrogance, arroganza, trying to assert yourself over others. You convey superiority.

On the other hand, you don’t like it when people put their feet on your head. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, the same feeling you’d have if your opinions weren’t respected.

drawing of an employer lifting an employee

For example, you can say…

Non permettere a nessuno di metterti i piedi in testa.
Don’t let anyone trample on you.

La manager ha il brutto vizio di mettere i piedi in testa ai suoi colleghi.
The manager has the bad habit of walking all over her colleagues.

  • Mettere (to put)
  • Piede (foot)
  • Testa (head)
  • In (preposition)
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