Fare la scarpetta

Fare la scarpetta in Italian

Fare la scarpetta
To mop up your plate with bread

Literal translationTo make the little shoe
MeaningYou like a dish so much you pick up all the gravy with a piece of bread
IPA pronunciation/ˈfaːre la skarˈpetta/

Where does this come from? There are two different origins for this Italian idiom. For some, a scarpetta refers to a particularly hollow-shaped pasta that helped to mop up any left sauce on a plate. Some others think it comes from scarpa, “shoe,” alluding to a kind of cheap, low-quality shoe. This is because the action can be perceived as rude.

gravy and rice

For example, you can say…

Quando sono al ristorante, faccio sempre la scarpetta.
When I’m in a restaurant, I always mop up my place with bread.

Fare la scarpetta è maleducazione?
Is mopping up your place with bread rude?

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