Fare dietrofront

Fare dietrofront in Italian

Fare dietrofront
To do an about-face, to turn around

Literal translationTo make a U-turn
MeaningTo change your direction completely, either physically or metaphorically
IPA pronunciation/ˈfaːre ˈdjɛːtro ˈfrɔnt/

Where does this come from? A U-turn is a sudden movement. When you suddenly change the course of action, it’s like changing direction by turning around. This is why the saying is also used metaphorically.

a skater spinning

For example, you can say…

Il manager ha fatto dietrofront sulla decisione.
The manager did an about-face regarding his decision.

L’uomo fa dietrofront ed esce dal negozio.
The man turns around and goes out of the store.

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