Crescere a vista d’occhio

Crescere a vista d’occhio in Italian

Meaning of the idiom

Crescere a vista d’occhio
To grow very quickly, by leaps and bounds

Literal translationTo grow at the sight of an eye
MeaningTo grow larger and larger by the second
IPA pronunciation/ˈkreʃːere a ˈvista ˈdɔkkjo/

Where does this come from? If something grows as you watch it, it means its growth speed (velocità) is so great your eye can measure it.

small man vs a giant sordier in golden armor

For example, you can say…

Ma come sei diventato grande, Federico! Cresci davvero a vista d’occhio.
How big you have grown, Federico! You are really growing by leaps and bounds.

L’alluvione ha fatto esondare il fiume e il fango è cresciuto a vista d’occhio.
The flood caused the river to overflow, and the mud has grown very quickly.

  • Crescere (to grow)
  • Vista (sight)
  • Occhio (eye)
  • A (preposition)
  • Di (preposition)
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