Chi non risica non rosica

Chi non risica non rosica in Italian

Chi non risica non rosica
No pain no gain

Literal translationThose who don’t take risks don’t eat
MeaningYou need to take chances to achieve something
IPA pronunciation/ki non riˈzika non roˈzika/

Where does this come from? Since the verb risicare is a Tuscan variation of rischiare (to take risks), it’s no wonder that this proverb has its roots in Tuscany. It teaches us not to be afraid to try new things. We should not be afraid to step out of our comfort zone because it will prevent us from getting what we want. Unfortunately, many people trade happiness for security.

Rosicare also has another colloquial meaning: it means “to eat oneself out of anger or envy”.

mouse caught in a trap

For example, you can say…

Se non rischi, non ottieni nulla. Chi non risica non rosica.
If you don’t risk, you get nothing. No pain, no gain.

La concorrenza sta rosicando per il nostro successo.
The competition is jealous of our success.

  • Risicare (takes risks, from risicare, a Tuscanian variation of rischiare, to risk)
  • Rosicare (literally to nibble or to gnaw, but it means to eat here)
  • Chi (who)
  • Non (not)
  • All Italian expressions

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