Avere la testa fra le nuvole

Avere la testa fra le nuvole in Italian

Avere la testa fra le nuvole
To have one’s head in the clouds

Literal translationTo have the head among the clouds
MeaningTo be so absorbed in your fantasies you become detached from reality
IPA pronunciation/ˈaveːre la ˈtɛsta fra le ˈnuvole/

Where does this come from? People with their heads in the clouds are absent-minded, distracted, and unreliable. It’s quite similar to its English translation, to have one’s head in the clouds.

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For example, you could say…

Mia figlia ha sempre la testa fra le nuvole. In classe si distrae sempre!
My daughter always has her head in the clouds. She is always distracted in class!

Hai ancora dimenticato di fare i compiti? Hai davvero la testa fra le nuvole!
Have you still forgotten to do your homework? You really have your head in the clouds!

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