Andare in oca

Andare in oca in Italian

Andare in oca
To make a blunder, to wander off

Literal translationTo go in goose (it has a horrible sound, I know)
MeaningTo make a mistake or wander off out of distraction
IPA pronunciation/anˈdaːre in ˈɔːka/

Where does this come from? In Italian culture, geese are thought to be stupid. Geese are always quacking, they are clumsy and distracted animals. Calling someone a goose in Italian is therefore very offensive.

There’s also an insulting idiom, oca giuliva (“merry goose”), which describes a superficial, stupid, and loud type of woman. That’s not a nice thing to say! This is why “to go in goose” is used to describe a situation where one is distracted and confused.

a goose face

For example, you can say…

Sono andato in oca e ho buttato la pasta anziché metterla in frigo.
I wandered off and threw out the pasta instead of putting it in the fridge.

Gaia va spesso in oca durante i compiti in classe.
Gaia is often distracted during school tests.

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