Andare a quel paese

Andare a quel paese in Italian

Andare a quel paese
To get lost, to buzz off

Literal translationTo go to that town
MeaningUsed when someone is annoyed by you
IPA pronunciation/anˈdaːre a kʋel paˈeːze/

Where does this come from? Vai a quel paese is what usually ends a neverending quarrel: “get lost”! It’s an insulting and very rude expression because it shows that the person’s presence is no longer appreciated. It tells that both of you have very different opinions, opinioni, and no matter how long you fight, you will never agree.

But why is it a “town”? Notice that the town is not mentioned: it is used to mean an unknown distant village. A village that is so isolated and so far away that you don’t even know its name. This is where you want the other person to go, or where other people want you to go.

There is also mandare a quel paese, which is used when you tell someone to get lost.

Mandare a quel paese
To tell someone to get lost

Literal translationTo send to that town
MeaningUsed when someone annoys you
IPA pronunciation/manˈdaːre a kʋel paˈeːze/
small japanese village

For example, you can say…

Vai a quel paese, Giorgio!
Buzz off, Giorgio!

Paolo mi ha appena mandato a quel paese.
Paolo just told me to get lost.

Andare a quel paese can also be translated as f*ck off and scr*w you. Unlike these, however, this expression doesn’t have any swear words. It’s just very rude.

  • Andare (to go)
  • Quel (that)
  • Paese (village, town)
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