Allungare il brodo

Allungare il brodo in Italian

Allungare il brodo
To string something out

Literal translationTo dilute the broth
MeaningTo stretch something out unnecessarily or to make something last longer than needed
IPA pronunciation/alluŋˈɡaːre il ˈbrɔːdo/

The primary meaning of allungare is to lengthen, from the adjective lungo, long. In this case, it means to dilute, to water down.

Where does this come from? Broth is a very nutritious food. For example, Italian nonne (grandmothers) will often give you some hot broth when you are sick to help you fight the infection and feel better. When you dilute broth, you’re adding something unnecessary because water has no nutritional value. By the same reasoning, flowery language doesn’t convey any additional information in a message.

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For example, you can say…

Ho allungato un po’ il brodo per raggiungere la lunghezza di 500 parole richiesta dal compito.
I strung the text out a bit to reach the length of 500 words required by the assignment.

Se imbocchiamo la via a destra, allungheremo il percorso di 10 km.
If we take the road to the right, we will increase the distance by 10 km.

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