Italian containers vocabulary

Italian containers vocabulary 1-5

Il contenitore
The container

La scatola, lo scatolone
The box, the (bigger) box

Il barattolo
The jar

La lattina
The tin

Il cestino
The waste basket

waste basket with some paper

Italian containers vocabulary 6-10

Il bidone
The trash can

La tanica
The jerry can

Il vaso
The vase

La scodella
The bowl

L’annaffiatoio, l’innaffiatoio
The watering can

a woman watering plants

Italian containers vocabulary 11-15

La tazza, la tazzina
The cup

Il bicchiere
The glass

La brocca
The pitcher, the jug

La provetta
The test tube

Il catino
The washbowl

a woman washing clothes

Italian containers vocabulary 16-20

La bottiglia
The bottle

Il flaconcino
The sample bottle

La tinozza
The tub

La borsa termica
The thermal bag

Il cofanetto
The jewelry box

a piece of jewelry

Italian containers vocabulary 21-25

Lo scrigno
The chest, the trunk

The case, the pouch

Il marsupio
The skin pouch

La borsetta
The handbag

Il salvadanaio
The piggy bank

boy breaking a piggy bank

Italian containers vocabulary 26-32

La cassa
The crate

Il sacco
The bag

Il sacchetto
The little bag

La busta
The envelope

Il tubo
The tube

Il secchio
The bucket

Il cesto
The basket

basket full of easter eggs

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