How to introduce yourself in Italian

In this lesson you’ll learn how to introduce yourself in Italian. There will be audio clips along the way!

What kind of world would it be if you couldn’t call people names?

No, wait, that’s not how it was supposed to read… Let me try again.

Che mondo sarebbe se… you couldn’t call people by their names? There, much better now.

lascia che mi presenti - let me introduce myself - people chatting at a table and drinking coffee

If you want to start calling Italians by their names (and not calling them names), you must learn how to introduce yourself in Italian. If that’s your goal, this lesson is for you!

How do you introduce yourself in Italian?

Pleased/nice (to meet you)
Literally: Pleasure

Piacere di conoscerti
Nice to meet you
Literally: Pleasure to getting to know you

introduce yourself in italian - piacere di conoscertit

Italians find pleasure in getting to know people, not meeting them!

(Meeting people might not always be a pleasurable experience after all, especially on public transport during the hottest Italian summer months…)

Mi chiamo Sara
I’m Sara
Literally: I call myself Sara

Io mi chiamo Laura, e tu?
I’m Laura, and you?

introduce yourself in italian - io mi chiamo laura

Io translates I, first person singular. Chiamarsi is what Italians call a reflexive verb, verbo riflessivo. Let’s just say for now that this verb translates to to call oneself.

For a more extended explanation on this verb, its present tense conjugation and general behavior, check out the lesson on Chiamare/Chiamarsi.

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Io sono Giulia, piacere
I’m Giulia, nice to meet you

Il piacere è tutto mio
Pleasure is all mine

Io sono literally means I am and it comes from the irregular verb essere, to be.

Il mio nome è…
My name is…

introduce yourself in italian - my name is...

This is rather uncommon nowadays, to the point of sounding almost artificial. Natives will use Mi chiamo… 99% of the time. (The remaining 1% that use Il mio nome è… are either time travellers or reptilians in disguise, so beware.)

That’s it! Now you know everything you need to know to introduce yourself in Italian!

What next?

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