Hotel vocabulary in Italian

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Hotel vocabulary in Italian 1-5

The hotel

La camera
The room

La camera singola
The single room

La camera matrimoniale
The double room

La camera doppia
The twin room

wooden flooring

Hotel vocabulary in Italian 6-10

The guest

Il registro degli ospiti
The guest register

La reception
The reception

La colazione
The breakfast

Le chiavi della camera
The room keys

useful Italian words to use in hotels - chiavi della camera

Hotel vocabulary in Italian 11-15

Il numero della camera
The room number

Il servizio in camera
The room service

La cassaforte
The safe

La pensione completa
The full board

La piscina
The swimming pool

words for hotels in italian - mother and child in a swimming pool

Hotel vocabulary in Italian 16-20

La mezza pensione
The half board

I bagagli
The luggage

Il facchino
The porter

Il receptionist
The hotel clerk

The elevator

useful Italian words to use in hotels - ascensore

Hotel vocabulary in Italian 21-23

Il climatizzatore
The air conditioner

La doccia
The shower

Il telecomando
The tv remote

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