Useful Italian Words: Having fun

Words to talk about having fun in Italian 1-5

Il divertimento
The fun

Il cinema
The cinema

Il concerto
The concert

Il bar
The bar

Il pub
The pub

bartender holding a wine glass

Words to talk about having fun in Italian 6-10

Il videogioco
The videogame

Il gioco da tavolo
The board game

Il ballo, la danza
The dance

Ballare, danzare
To dance

To play

boy playing a dance game

Words to talk about having fun in Italian 11-15

Il turismo
The tourism

Il ristorante
The restaurant

Il museo
The museum

La gita
The trip

Il gioco di carte
The card game

boy playing a card game

Words to talk about having fun in Italian 16-20

La dama

Gli scacchi

Giocare a scacchi
To play chess

Giocare a carte
To play with cards

Giocare a nascondino
To play hide and seek

children playing hide and seek

Words to talk about having fun in Italian 21-25

To chat

To sing

Il parco giochi
The playground

Il luna park, il parco dei divertimenti
The amusement park

The roller coaster

people on a roller coaster

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