F*ck Aldo! Why do Italians keep insulting Aldo?

Picture this scenario: you’re visiting Italy, it’s mid-July, it’s 100 F in the shade, people are sweating buckets in the street and you suddenly hear a native say “F*ck Aldo!”. Why is that? What has Aldo been up to? Find out here!

Is Aldo really to blame?

Let’s face it, Italians like swearing. There’s an Italian swear word for every occasion. When you hear them insult Aldo, however, know that they are not swearing at all. It’s all your English ear’s fault.

keep calm and fuck aldo meme

You see, what you actually understand as f*ck Aldo is actually a very innocent Italian expression, FA CALDO, which means it’s hot.

Fa caldo!
It’s hot!
Literally: It makes hot!

Fa caldo expression is made of fa, which is the third person singular conjugation of fare, to do, in the present tense (“it makes”), and caldo, which is an adjective that means hot. So, fa caldo literally translates to “it makes hot”.

Italian summers can get unbearably hot, and this is why you’ll often hear this expression during your summer vacation in Italy.

woman sweating under the hot sun

A popular alternative to it is che caldo, literally meaning “what hot”.

Che caldo!
It’s hot!
Literally: What hot!

Next time you hear a native Italian insulting Aldo, remember that they’re just complaining about the scorching hot weather.

And since this 2022 summer is proving to be the hottest ever (the hottest I can remember, at least), I have a hunch that Aldo is being summoned quite frequently!

What next?

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