Drawing equipment in Italian

Drawing equipment in Italian 1-5

La carta
The pen

La matita
The pencil

Il pennarello
The marker

Il pastello
The colored pencil

Il pastello a cera
The crayon

three children drawing

Drawing equipment in Italian 6-10

Il temperamatite / temperino
The pencil sharpener

Il blocco da disegno
The sketchbook

La gomma da cancellare
The eraser

Il gesso
The chalk

La tela
The canvas

cat drawing on a white canvas

Drawing equipment in Italian 11-15

Il cavalletto
The easel

La pittura
The paint

La pittura a olio
The oil paint

Il colore
The color

Il pennello
The paintbrush

a paintbrush with red paint

Drawing equipment in Italian 16-20

The ink

The watercolor

Il righello
The ruler

Il goniometro
The goniometer

Il compasso
The compass

a blue compass

Drawing equipment in Italian 21-25

La colla
The glue

Il carboncino
The charcoal pencil

Il disegno
The drawing

To draw

To color

hand drawing an egg

Drawing equipment in Italian 26-32

To paint (artistic)

To paint (eg. a wall)

The artist

Il disegnatore
The illustrator, draftsman

To blend

To shade

The case

a green case for pencils and erasers

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