20 common Italian phrases in hotels

Italian phrases in hotels 1-5

Avete una camera singola libera?
Do you have a free single room?

Vorrei prenotare una camera singola.
I would like to reserve a single room.

C’è un parcheggio disponibile?
Is a parking lot available?

Avete una camera doppia libera?
Do you have a free double room?

Accettate animali?
Are pets allowed?

common Italian phrases in hotels - hotel that allows pets

Italian phrases in hotels 5-10

Quanto costa la camera per una notte?
How much is the room for a single night?

Vorremmo una camera doppia per tre notti.
We would like a double room for three nights.

Devo disdire la mia prenotazione.
I have to cancel my reservation.

A che ora servite la colazione?
At what time do you serve breakfast?

È compresa la colazione?
Is breakfast included?

common Italian phrases in hotels - breakfast with bread, tomatoes and sausages

Italian phrases in hotels 10-15

È disponibile il servizio in camera?
Is room service available?

Come funziona la doccia?
How does the shower work?

Come funziona l’aria condizionata?
How does the air conditioning work?

Possiamo avere una camera con vista mare?
Can we have a room that is overlooking the sea?

La doccia non funziona.
The shower doesn’t work.

common Italian phrases in hotels - boy disappointed because the shower doesn't work

Italian phrases in hotels 15-20

Possiamo avere una camera al primo piano?
Can we have a room on the first floor?

Gli asciugamani sono sporchi.
The towels are dirty.

C’è un geco nella nostra camera.
There’s a gecko in our room.
(This actually happened to me, so it might prove useful!)

Vorrei una camera più spaziosa.
I would like a bigger room.

La camera è provvista di cassaforte?
Is there a safe in the room?

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