How do you say BORING in Italian?

How exactly do you say boring in Italian?

In this lesson, we will take a look at the different words you can use to talk about being boring in Italian. Read on to learn all you need to know!


Let’s get started! Iniziamo!

Boring in Italian


Noioso is how you translate boring into Italian. Let’s listen to how this adjective is pronounced.

Its pronunciation is similar to noh-YOH-soh and it comes from the Latin word noiosus, which means “annoying” or “bothersome”. Make sure the final -o has a clean sound, because Italian vowel sounds are clean!


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Like all other adjectives in Italian, noioso needs to match the gender and number of the noun.


If a book is boring, you would say noioso because book, libro, is a masculine noun in Italian.

Likewise, you will say noiosa, if you’re talking about a party, festa, which is a feminine noun.

Plural nouns behave the same way: if you want to describe some boring movies (film, masculine plural), use noiosi. If you’re talking about some boring lessons (lezioni, feminine plural), use noiose instead.

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For example, you could say…

Ho trovato il libro noioso e poco coinvolgente.
I found the book boring and unengaging.

La festa era molto noiosa.
The party was very boring.

Le lezioni di chimica sono molto noiose.
Chemistry classes are very boring.

I compiti di matematica sono noiosi e ripetitivi.
Math homework is boring and repetitive.

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Homework is a plural noun in Italian: i compiti.

If you want to say to get bored in Italian, use the reflexive verb annoiarsi. Make sure you don’t confuse this verb with to annoy. To annoy is translated into Italian as infastidire.

Mi annoio a stare in casa. Cosa possiamo fare?
Valerio’s father became rich thanks to his entrepreneurial skills.

Smettila di infastidire il gatto che dorme!
Stop bothering the sleeping cat!

To translate “boredom”, use noia. It’s a feminine noun.

La noia

Che cosa fai di solito per combattere la noia?
What do you usually do to fight boredom?

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Idioms with noia in Italian

There is a number of common idioms associated with the word for boring in Italian. Some of them are…

  • essere di una noia mortale (to be deadly boring, to be boring as hell)
  • che noia! (how boring!)
  • ripetere fino alla noia (to repeat sth until you are bored)

For example, you could say…

La festa è stata di una noia mortale.
The party was boring as hell.

And that’s the end of our lesson on how to say boring in Italian!

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