Useful Italian Words: Birds

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Birds in Italian 1-5

The bird

Il piccione
The pigeon

Il gufo
The owl

The eagle

La civetta
The little owl

girls surrounded by owls - birds in italian

Birds in Italian 5-10

Il pappagallo
The parrot

Il gabbiano
The seagull

Il corvo
The raven

Il tacchino
The turkey

Il pinguino
The penguin

a mother penguin and small penguin - birds in italian

Birds in Italian 10-15

The goose

Il falco
The falcon

Lo struzzo
The ostrich

La cornacchia
The crow

Il cigno
The swan

black swan swimming - birds in italian

Birds in Italian 15-20

La cicogna
The stork

Il passero
The sparrow

Il pettirosso
The robin

La rondine
The swallow

Il picchio
The woodpecker

woodpecker opening a hole in the wood

Birds in Italian 20-23

La gazza
The magpie

La gru
The crane

Il pavone
The peacock

useful Italian words for birds - pavone

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➡️ Go to the birds vocabulary builder interactive exercises.

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