Activities in Italian

Activities in Italian 1-5

Fare una passeggiata
To take a walk

Leggere un libro
To read a book

Guardare un film
To watch a movie

Giocare a calcio
To play soccer

Suonare uno strumento
To play an instrument

man playing a cello

Activities in Italian 6-10

Ascoltare musica
To listen to music

Nuotare in piscina
To swim in the swimming pool

Visitare un museo
To visit a museum

Fare shopping
To go shopping

Allenarsi in palestra
To work out at the gym

man working out at the gym

Activities in Italian 11-15

Fare un puzzle
To build a puzzle

Fare un’escursione in montagna
To go for a hike in the mountains

Scrivere un libro
To write a book

Fare una gita in bicicletta
To go on a bike ride

Coltivare un orto
To cultivate a vegetable garden

farmer cultivating crops

Activities in Italian 16-20

Fare una gita fuori porta
To take a day trip

Fare un picnic
To have a picnic

Andare a una mostra d’arte
To attend an art exhibition

Fare una videochiamata
To make a video call

Visitare un parco a tema
To visit a theme park

castle in a theme park

Activities in Italian 21-25

Creare gioielli fatti a mano
To create handmade jewelry

Partecipare a una lezione di ballo
To join a dance class

Giocare a un gioco da tavolo
To play a board game

Studiare una nuova lingua
To learn a new language

Fotografare paesaggi
To photograph landscapes

man photographing trains

Activities in Italian 26-30

Andare a un concerto
To go to a concert

Partecipare a un evento sportivo
To attend a sports event

Tenere un diario
To keep a journal

Scrivere poesie o canzoni
To write poetry or songs

Fare una gita in barca
To take a boat trip

a couple taking a boat trip

Activities in Italian 31-35

Organizzare una cena
To organize a dinner

Fare una maratona di serie TV
To have a TV series marathon

Giocare a un videogioco
To play a videogame

Cucinare una nuova ricetta
To cook a new recipe

Fare jogging
To go jogging

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